Your nail polish isn't judging you for having dessert last night...

At Paint Box Polish, we believe in the confidence that comes with a fresh coat of polish. In the power of fifteen minutes of pampering to turn a "meh" morning into a "hell yes!" day.

We want to live in a world where women can be safe, sexy, and healthy at the same time. Where beauty is not dependent on your jean size.

We refuse to accept that looking and feeling fabulous requires exposure to a cocktail of carcinogens in your beauty products, and we will not be judged by old school beauty standards.

That is why we choose to formulate brilliant polishes and hand care products that are intentionally free of the five most heinous beauty offenders.

Join us and be part of the revolution celebrating healthy as the new sexy. Discover a little bit about the person making your polish. Grasp the reigns with your beautifully manicured hands and show the world what you're made of!

Sanguine Stars - 2016 Limited Edition

Sanguine Stars - 2016 Limited Edition

The sun sets on a cold winter day and the sky lights up with beautiful shades of fuchsia, pink, and gold. The stars arrive on the scene, and you have Sanguine Stars. This stunner is opaque in 2 coats (but three thin will bring those holo flakes to attention!) and showcases all of the above colors.

Paint Box Polishes are five free and cruelty free. That means NO Camphor, NO Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), NO Toulene, NO Formaldehyde, NO Formaldehyde Resins, and no components are tested on animals.

Polishes are tested extensively before release. All are hand mixed in small batches at our facility. We follow specific recipes for each lacquer, but slight variations may still occur. 

Thank you to Ida Nails It, Ehmkay Nails, and My Nail Polish Obsession for their beautiful swatches!