Dry Winter Skin? Moisturize!

January 06, 2017 Pamela Rodgers

I don’t know where you live, but at my house, it was 10 degrees today. Factoring in the wind chill, it felt -2 at 4pm. That cold air will pull so much precious moisture out of your skin. That can result in cracked knuckles, hang nails, and peeling nails. To combat this, you need moisturize often with quality products.

After you wash your hands (avoid very hot or very cold water), follow with a healthy dose of a decent lotion/hand cream. Look for one without alcohol as that can be drying. Creams tend to stay on the surface of your skin a bit longer before soaking in. This could be problematic if you work with paper or do fine work with your hands, as you will leave “traces” behind! But that extra moisture boost could totally be worth it.

At bedtime, use a thick cream or a balm on your hands. For a bit extra help, wear cotton gloves while you sleep. That will keep the balm on your hands rather than your sheets. It’ll also allow any sweat to evaporate. We offer an awesome balm that is available here. It is enriched with shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, almond oil, and vitamin E. No water to dilute. Just pure, thick, good stuff. It’s unscented so you can use it anywhere. Lips, knuckles, cuticles, elbows, heels. A tiny bit goes a long way!

I struggle with hang nails and peeling, so I keep cuticle oil pens everywhere. In my car, at my office, in the purse, on my nightstand, next to my chair in the living room. If I think about my cuticles, I apply a swipe of oil to the base of each nail. I let it sit for a second then massage it in to the nail beds and under the free edge of my nail. This adds moisture which promotes flexibility of the nail, which can lessen the chance of breaking. It also helps to keep the layers of your nails adhered, preventing peeling.

Our cuticle oil is a blend of almond, apricot, and jojoba oils with a touch of vitamin E. Jojoba is an awesome addition because it is molecularly very similar to sebum, which is the natural oil we secrete to moisturize our skin. We have more than 50 scents available in our cuticle oil pens and rollerballs, so you can treat yourself to a variety!

Be kind to your skin and nails this winter, and your hands will look younger and healthier, giving you an excuse to show them off. Remember, be confident and talk with your hands!


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  • Donna DeRosa

    Jan 07, 2017

    Your cuticle pens sound delicious.

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