Simple Monochromatic Nail Art

January 14, 2017 Pamela Rodgers

Nail art can be super intimidating. There are a billion pinterest pins and buzzfeed articles that promise 47 super simple ways to dress up your nails. I'm here to tell you that most of them will NOT get good results! I know because I've tried them. For the next 7 days, I'm going to bring you easy, tried and true nail art methods!
The first method I'm going to tell you about is the monochromatic dots look shown above. (this look is shown by Ehmkay Nails) The only tool you need is something to make dots with. This can be a nail art dotting tool, a tooth pick, or a bobby pin. You use what you have available!
Start with 2-3 coats of your base coat. This mani features a shimmery purple shade for the base. Top with top coat or let this dry for 10-15 minutes.
While your base coat is drying, pour out a bit of the polish you are going to dot with onto a piece of foil. It helps if this polish has dried a bit so it is tacky. Don't use something absorbent for this purpose, or it'll dry completely!
Michelle used a purple creme for her dots. Place then in evenly spaced lines to get a look like this one. You may need to clean off your dotting tool every so often. 
Finish with a coat of top coat. If you have some glittery nail stickers, you can add them as well. it'll give you some extra bling. 
I love this monochrome look, but you could also use complimentary colors, or black and white, or black and gold. You could even use many colors for the dots over your base coat. The possibilities are endless with this easy but impressive manicure. 
What nail art looks would you like to see this week?


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  • Donna

    Jan 14, 2017

    That looks pretty. I’m going to try it.

  • Sharon

    Jan 14, 2017

    Some nail art is so creative, the designs are amazing.

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