YOU made THIS?

January 04, 2017 Pamela Rodgers

Yes. Yes I did. It’s a question I get asked at almost every show. How did I start? It’s a bit of a story.

 As a child, I was a nail biter. I know! Gross, right? There are worse habits to have, but still... My parents tried it all. Black pepper, hot sauce, clear polish that tasted horribly bitter, grounding me, yelling at me, smacking my hand. It didn’t matter. I kept biting.

 When did I stop biting? When I started nursing school and really learned what is on your hands and under your nails. And what can happen when it gets into your mouth. Just use your imagination. I’m not going to elaborate.


The problem is that I went from biting to picking and peeling. My nails still didn’t look good. After I made it through nursing school and became a Nurse Practitioner, I discovered that I left my nails alone when they were painted. They grew, and my hang nails went away, and they actually looked nice! I use my hands when I talk, and patients and coworkers commented on my nails and it made me feel good.

I somehow discovered nail polish blogs, and was able to make friends with some of the girls at my local Sally Beauty Supply. They would let me know when the colors I wanted came in, and my collection grew to fill two whole shoeboxes! But I got bored with my choices. These bloggers began talking about indie polish. Nail polish lovers were buying supplies and making their own.

So I researched. And I bought. And I experimented (so much experimenting). And I failed (so often). And I researched some more. I figured out what worked and what didn’t and out together some awesome colors. I jotted down some company names, googled the heck out of them, and Paint Box Polish was born!

That was in 2012. I’ve been hustling, mixing, promoting, making friends, and gaining customers ever since. I am currently working through a rebrand (Hint... You must do more than Google your potential business name) and am also working on new products, so there are exciting things on the horizon! I know I’ve mentioned it here and there, but I promise I’ll reveal more soon! I’m excited for you to join me on Paint Box Polish’s journey!


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  • Pam

    Jan 05, 2017

    @Donna – Negative reinforcement never worked for me! Maybe a big sister would’ve, but I was the big sister. :)

    @MK – Yep. It’s a nasty habit! I’m glad I was able to break it. And I love that mask. It really gets you in the mixing mood!

  • Donna DeRosa

    Jan 05, 2017

    I love the photo. I was a nail biter as a kid, but grew out of it when my older sister refused to paint my nails because they were too short. I stopped immediately.

  • MK

    Jan 04, 2017

    I love all this insight and your legit mixing mask! I didn’t know you were a nail biter! I wouldn’t have guessed

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