LE Destination Duo - Paint Box Polish and Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer

LE Destination Duo - Paint Box Polish and Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer

Inspired by a photo of King's Cross Station in London, we partnered with Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer to bring you this limited edition set! King's Cross is where the young wizards of England hop on the Hogwarts Express every September 1st. 

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer created North From 9 3/4, a beautiful taupe with copper shimmer, silver flakis, and red/gold shifting microflakies that nods to the floor and overhead window panes in the photo. Our contribution is Anything From The Trolley, Dears? A shimmery, red/gold shifty topper with iridescent and charcoal flakies and red glitter squares that give a nod to the Hogwarts Express. Completing this set is a Butterbeer scented mani fizz!

Paint Box Polishes are five free and cruelty free. That means NO Camphor, NO Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), NO Toulene, NO Formaldehyde, NO Formaldehyde Resins, and no components are tested on animals.

Polishes are tested extensively before release. All are hand mixed in small batches at our facility. We follow specific recipes for each lacquer, but slight variations may still occur. 

Thanks to Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary, Jen from My Nail Polish Obsession, Arian from The Polished Hippy, and Jasmyn from The Painted Fox Diaries for their reviews and photos.

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