LE Duo - Paint Box Polish and Sweet Heart Polish

LE  Duo - Paint Box Polish and Sweet Heart Polish

The Paint Box Polish/Sweetheart Polish duo is inspired by a photo of Sleeping Beauty's Castle taken during Disneyland's 60th anniversary.

In Grace And Beauty is a matte finish periwinkle by Paint Box Polish with pink, silver, and blue shimmer. Lovely to work with, it is opaque in 2 coats and looks great with a shiny top coat as well.

A Crown To Wear is a delicate glitter topper by Sweet Heart Polish that is filled with shimmer and iridescent glitter.
Paint Box Polishes are five free and cruelty free. That means NO Camphor, NO Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), NO Toulene, NO Formaldehyde, NO Formaldehyde Resins, and no components are tested on animals.
Polishes are tested extensively before release. All are hand mixed in small batches at our facility. We follow specific recipes for each lacquer, but slight variations may still occur.
Thanks to Stephanie from @nails_by_yatyara, Michelle from Ehmkay Nails, and Emily from Casual Contrast for their reviews and photos.